30 January, 2024


Grab your glitter and prepare to set sail on an all-inclusive floating festival oasis – IT’S THE SHIP! Now, we all know that hitting the high seas for an epic cruise festival shipcation is a blast, but it can sometimes feel daunting for our shipmates who come from different backgrounds and lifestyles to feel like an outcast. Fear not, because IT’S THE SHIP is not just any festival; it’s a safety beacon of diversity and inclusion that makes even the most seasoned sailors raise an eyebrow in approval.

This seafaring extravaganza goes beyond just beats and bass drops; it’s an advocate for all-round inclusion, making it a true gem in the festival circuit. Imagine stumbling upon a treasure chest filled with acceptance, safe space free from discrimination – that’s IT’S THE SHIP for you!

So, how does this nautical fiesta become even more acceptance-friendly, you ask? Well, buckle up, because we’ve got the lowdown on how IT’S THE SHIP can turn up the inclusivity dial and make the sun shine even brighter.

First up, let’s talk about parties and special shows onboard. IT’S THE SHIP celebrates and welcomes the weird and wonderful with a diverse lineup, LGBTQ+ themed parties, special lifestyle shows, talents, and more, making sure everyone feels as comfy as a pirate in their favorite pair of boots.

IT’S THE SHIP isn’t just about beats; it’s about boosting awareness, understanding, and creating a sea of vocal allies. Our meticulously crafted experiences onboard are like the compass guiding everyone towards a more inclusive, informed, and downright fabulous voyage.

In conclusion, IT’S THE SHIP isn’t just a festival cruise; it’s a floating utopia of acceptance and celebration. With policies that rival a welcoming hug, representation that outshines the sun, and educational initiatives that could school even the most seasoned sailor, IT’S THE SHIP is steering the ship towards an LGBTQ+ utopia.

So, get ready to hoist the rainbow flag, pack your most fabulous outfits, and set sail on the LGBTQ+-friendliest festival cruise on the seven seas – because on IT’S THE SHIP, everyone is part of the crew, and the ship is sailing towards a more inclusive horizon. Cheers to love, acceptance, and a damn good time!

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