Busan - Nagasaki - Busan | 23-26 May 2024



Event Information


Date: 23 May 2024 (Thursday) ~ 26 May 2024 (Sunday) / 4 Days 3 Nights

Location: Costa Serena Cruise

Itinerary: Busan – Nagasaki (Japan) – Busan

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Please make sure to check before purchasing.


Ticket purchasers are considered to have read and agreed to all the following terms. Failure to comply with these terms will result in not being able to board the cruise, and refunds will not be provided.

Cabin Reservation

  • This cabin booking is valid only for IT’S THE SHIP KOREA 2024 sailing from 23 May 2024 (Thursday) to 26 May 2024 (Sunday).

  • This event is restricted to those of the legal age of 19 yrs and above as of 23 May 2024. If the person making the reservation is under 19, entry, cabin ticket issuance, and refunds are not possible. Minors below the age of 19 years are prohibited to board even if accompanied by a guardian. 

  • Detailed schedule and lineup will be announced later.

  • The official E-Ticket will be sent via email closer to the date of sailing.

  • All shipmates must bring a valid passport and E-TICKET when boarding. Failure to do so will result in being unable to board the cruise, and no refunds will be provided for non-compliance.

  • The person making the reservation, referred to as the ‘Lead Shipmate,’ is responsible for reservation and payment changes for the reserved cabin.

  • Only the ‘Lead Shipmate’ can make payments on behalf of accompanying individuals and update accompanying information. For changes in accompanying individuals, please contact info@itstheship.com 

  • Any changes to shipmate’s information is only possible up until one month before the departure which is the 23 April 2024. Any changes made after the date will incur an administrative fee of USD300 

  • Passport information must be entered via the link provided after making the reservation, up to two months before the departure date (March 23rd).

  • Reservation requires information from your passport, including English name, gender, nationality, date of birth, passport expiration date, and emergency contact information.

  • By making a reservation, you acknowledge and agree that certain expenses, such as gratuity fee (USD46.50 per pax for Interior, Oceanview & Balcony and USD55.60 per pax for Suites) and tour expenses at ports, are not included in the cabin price. Gratuity fee to be paid at the end of the cruise during checkout.

  • For the elderly, pregnant women, and those with insecure physical or mental conditions, we kindly request that you refrain from making reservations. If you wish to make a reservation, please consult with your doctor. Additionally, we ask that you contact the organizers in advance to share relevant information in advance.

  • Pregnant women are allowed to board only if they are less than 24 weeks pregnant on the day of departure, and they must carry a medical certificate (in English) when boarding. If a woman is 24 weeks or more pregnant on the day of disembarkation, boarding is not allowed.

  • Re-entry after departure procedures and boarding is not allowed.Guests are only allowed to disembark only during the stopover at Nagasaki. It is imperative that guests return on board before the designated time. Each guest bears the individual responsibility of ensuring timely re-boarding, as failure to do so may result in being left behind in Nagasaki.

  • The organizers are not responsible for illnesses and injuries that occur during this event that are not previously communicated by the organizer.

  • Due to the circumstances that may have occurred by the organizer, schedules, and artists may be subject to change.

  • As this event features multiple artists and is not centered around one particular artist, refunds and cancellations due to the cancellation or change of individual artists will not be possible.

Instalment Payment

  • The total cabin pricing will be split into equal monthly payments with final balance due no later than 25 April, 2024, 23:59 hrs (SST).  Due to a few credit cards requiring OTP / SMS codes, we are not able to charge your monthly payment automatically to your credit card on file on the due date of each month. In this case we will require you to login to your account and make the required payment for the instalment. It is your responsibility to know your payment due dates (25th of each month) as payment reminders will not be sent. If your instalment payment remains unpaid within 7 days after each month due date noted on your confirmation email, your reservation may be cancelled and any payments made will NOT be refunded.

  • The number and rate of your monthly instalment payments will be dependent on the time of purchase. Example, if you purchase on December 23, 2023, you would be required to make the first payment during the time of booking. Subsequently the balance will be split equally on the 25th of every month from January 2024 to April 2024 being your last payment.

  • The instalment option is applicable until March 25, 2024 at 23:59 hrs (SST). After which the cabin payment will be in full for new bookings.

  • If you need to make any changes to your instalment payment plan dates or credit card, please contact us via email info@itstheship.com on Monday to Friday from 11:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs (SST & MYT).

  • All new shipmate booking made after March 25, 2024, 23:59 hrs (SST) and new reservations booked on March 26, 2024 at 00:00 hrs (SST) onwards will require full payment. Please contact us via email info@itstheship.com on Monday to Friday from 11:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs (SST & MYT).

Passports and Luggage

  • The passport must have a validity of at least 6 months from the departure date (23 May 2024).

  • If the passport’s validity is less than 6 months, you must renew it to extend the validity for at least 6 months before making a reservation.

  • Please note that a single passport (PS) can only be used once within a year, so be sure to check its usage status.

  • If you are not a citizen of South Korea or if you hold dual citizenship, you must check with the embassy of the respective country (South Korea, Japan) due to differing entry and exit policies of transit countries.

  • If you are from a country that requires a visa into South Korea (Multiple-Entry Visa) & Japan, you are responsible to do so prior to sailing. 

  • All foreign nationals who are visa-exempted, must apply for the K-ETA, Korea Electronic Travel Authorization, prior to arriving in South Korea as it is an entry requirement. 

  • All guests must present the required documentation at embarkation/disembarkation. Shipmates without the required mandatory documentation will be DENIED boarding and NO REFUND will be issued. 

  • The organizer of It’s The Ship Korea assumes no responsibility for advising you of immigration requirements. Non-South Korean citizens, including resident aliens, must contact the appropriate consulates, embassies and/or immigration office(s) to inquire about necessary documentation for the Cruise.

  • Your name, as listed on your travel documents, must exactly match your name as listed on your Cruise documents. 

  • This cruise allows one carry-on per person + backpack or suitcase

Included in the Cabin Purchase

  • Accommodation on board the cruise for 3 nights and 4 days

  • Complimentary meals on board the cruise (additional charges may apply for specific menu items and certain restaurants)

  • Admission to IT’S THE SHIP KOREA 2024

  • Access to all on-board facilities (GYM, POOL, RESTAURANT, etc.) except for SPA, THERAPY, and duty-free shopping 

  • Non-alcoholic beverages such as WATER, COFFEE, TEA, JUICE provided at the buffet restaurant.

Not Included in the Cabin Purchase

  • Gratuity fee (to be billed to each customer’s linked credit card after boarding).


    • For INTERIOR / OCEAN VIEW / BALCONY cabins, the total cost of $46.50 USD for 4 days.


    • For SUITE cabins, the total cost of $55.60 USD for 4 days.


  • Tour expenses at ports


  • Additional costs for paid facilities such as popup parties, special restaurants, alcoholic beverages, and purchases for personal items.


  • Travelers insurance


  • Onboard Wi-Fi (available at an additional cost).

Prohibited Items

  • Food brought from outside, alcoholic beverages, drinks, and tobacco products (including e-cigarettes and liquid tobacco).

  • Professional recording or filming equipment.

  • Items that are sharp, breakable, or at risk (e.g., bottles, cans).

  • Drugs and illegal substances
  • Items that can be used to threaten others (including fireworks, knives, and sprays).

  • Electrical appliances (such as irons, coffee makers, and hair heating elements).

  • Additional prohibited items may be determined by the organizers, promotors, or securities.

    Carrying prohibited items or hazardous materials (including items not listed as prohibited but deemed unsafe on-site and at the discretion of securities) may result in confiscation and immediate disposal.

    Possession, use, purchase, or distribution of illegal drugs and substances is strictly prohibited. Violation of this policy will result in legal consequences. In such cases, the organizers, promotors, and ticketing agencies are not responsible for refunds or compensation.

Cancellation and Refund

  • Cabin ticket changes, cancellations, and refunds can be made through the respective ticketing agency where you made your reservation, and fees may apply according to the cancellation and refund policies of that agency.

  • Exchanges and refunds on the day of the event are not possible (including cancellations and changes due to personal reasons or changes of mind).

  • Refunds for NO SHOW are not applicable, and separate fees will be charged for all reservation changes that occur after cruise documents have been issued.

Cabin Ticket Sales and Transfer

  • IT’S THE SHIP KOREA cabin sales are exclusively sold through YES24 Ticket & IT’S THE SHIP  

  • Cabin tickets obtained through illegitimate means, such as using macros or any other unauthorized methods, as well as cabin tickets being resold on premium ticket websites, second-hand marketplaces, or personal social media, are all considered unauthorized resale cabin tickets and are strictly prohibited. All cabin ticket transfers are also prohibited to prevent unauthorized cabin ticket transfers.

  • Cabin tickets purchased through abnormal or unauthorized/illegal means cannot be canceled or refunded under any circumstances and may be restricted for use without prior notice.

  • All responsibility for any issues arising from illegal transactions lies with the parties involved. The organizers, promotors, and ticketing agencies bear no responsibility whatsoever and cannot be involved in resolving such issues. 

Photography Guidelines

  • IT’S THE SHIP KOREA and/or its promotional partners have the exclusive right to include photographic, video and other visual portrayals of guests in any medium of any nature whatsoever for the purpose of trade, advertising, sales, publicity or otherwise, without compensation to guests, and all rights, title and interest therein (including all worldwide copyrights therein) shall be IT’S THE SHIP sole property, free from any claims by guests or any shipmate deriving any rights or interest from guests.

  • A video crew may be shooting footage to be used for the promotion of future IT’S THE SHIP events. When the video team is shooting any particular location/venue on the ship, your presence at the said location/venue acknowledges your permission for your likeness to be used in future, non-broadcast/broadcast promotional videos, TV shows or still pictures. If you do not wish to be filmed please notify the video crew and be prepared for them to ask you to exit the location/venue for a short time until taping is complete.

Photo Policy for Guests

  • Guests will be permitted to take photos and videos onboard IT’S THE SHIP KOREA and during performances with small, non-professional digital cameras and cell phones. Out of respect for our performers and your fellow guests, we ask that you please NOT use flash during shows. Professional quality cameras with detachable lenses and video specific cameras are strictly prohibited. Guests are not allowed to use any footages/pictures for any commercial purpose without the consent or approval from LIVESCAPE. We appreciate your cooperation!

Security Screening

  • All participants may be requested to empty their pockets and bags and undergo thorough security checks, including bag and body searches when passing through the security checkpoint before boarding. The organizers/promoters have the right to deny boarding to or remove specific individuals.


  • There will be medical booths equipped to provide basic first aid.

  • In case of an emergency, please promptly inform nearby staff, securities, or visit the information booth.

Busan - Nagasaki - Busan | 23 - 26 May 2024