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24 April, 2024



Ahoy shipmates! Looking to get your hands on some merchandise to remember your epic shipcation by? Well we got you! From tees to jerseys and even sea-worthy memorabilia, we’ve got everything you need to deck yourself out in style for the ultimate ship experience.

ITSKR Lineup Tee (KRW59,000) 

A statement piece celebrating the amazing lineup of IT’S THE SHIP Korea’s key performers. A popular piece to remember your ship experience by. 


All Hands on D Tee (KRW59,000)  

Show off your ship spirit with this timeless tee. With its subtle design and eye-catching colors, you’ll be catching feels with this piece. So all hands on the tee matey!


Young Stee Tee (KRW59,000)  

Mashing pop culture with a little ship flair, this piece is a conversation starter that’s sure to grab the attention of any avid IT’S THE SHIP enthusiasts!


Baseball Home Jersey (KRW89,000):

Whether you’re cheering from the decks or hitting the dance floor, the Baseball Home Jersey is a home run in both style and comfort. Get ready to knock it out of the park!


Baseball Away Jersey (KRW89,000): 

Can’t decide which team to root for? No problem! With the Baseball Away Jersey, you can switch sides without missing a beat. Home run baby!


Sea-Duction Memorabilia Toy (KRW18,000): 

Take home a piece of the ship with the Sea-Duction Memorabilia Toy. This adorable keepsake is sure to stir ship up!


**Prices shown are for online purchases only at 10% Off. Price onboard will be a regular price. 

Shipmates can now snag their favorite official ITS Korea merch now online at 10% Off! But remember, all purchased merchandise are only to be collected onboard. No delivery is available.

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