2 February, 2024


Ready to turn your IT’S THE SHIP adventure into a love-filled escapade? We’ve seen sparks fly among our shipmates, and now it’s your turn to catch that ship romance wave. Here are some sizzling tips to add a dash of love to your high-seas experience:

  1. Be Real, Be You – Forget the festival façade—authenticity is your secret weapon. Be yourself, and attract those who appreciate the real deal. Embrace the unknown, meet new people, and let the sea of possibilities unfold without expectations.
  2. Approachable Vibes – Flash that winning smile, make eye contact, and be the approachable festival charmer. Dive into conversations, explore all onboard activities, and let those shared experiences be the wind in your romantic sails.
  3. Love Tokens – Move over kandi, it’s time for a twist! Attach a note saying, “If found, then it must be fate that brought you to me!.” Break the ice with mischief and show you’re up for some love-infused fun.
  4. Nautical Pick-Up Lines – Channel your inner Captain with cheesy pick-up lines like, “Are you a compass? Because I can’t find my way without you.” Cring? Absolutely. Effective? You bet – laughter is the best love potion!
  5. Wing Men Ahoy –  Enlist a trusty shipmate as your wingman. Let them scope out the vibes and help set the stage before you seal the deal. A wingman of the opposite sex usually does the trick. And if all else fails, trust our People’s Captain to steer you right.
  6. Come Through – If you’ve discovered someone intriguing, don’t hold back. Swap contact info and continue the journey back on solid ground.


Remember, RESPECT on the IT’S THE SHIP is key but remember to keep it cheeky, keep it lighthearted, and most importantly, ride the festival waves with ease. With these tips, you’re destined to make a splash and, who knows, find a mate to share your festival shenanigans. Best of luck, and may the festival love gods be forever in your favor! 

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