29 January, 2024


Ahoy party animals! Whether you’re a festival fanatic or just testing the waters, nothing beats the thrill of mingling with fellow shipmates at IT’S THE SHIP. But, we get it – stepping out of your comfort zone can feel like facing a kraken. Fear not, fam! We’ve got some sizzling tips to spice up your nautical adventure and make you the MVP of connections:

  1. Get Social – Before stepping on board, dip your feet into the IT’S THE SHIP social channels. Share your thoughts into the digital sea, leave comments, or react to your future shipmates’ banter. It’s like making friends even before we set out to sea – who knew the internet could be this useful?
  2. FWB (Friends with Banter) – Flash those pearly whites and unleash that inner charm! A simple smile or an “Ahoy there, shipmate!” can take you a long way and starting conversations. Compliment someone’s batship crazy outfits or comment on your favorite DJs – you’ll be sailing smoothly through small talk in no time.
  3. Side Hustle – Break the ice by inviting a shipmate to join you in one of the epic side activities or the many other after parties. From a laid-back basketball match to a beer pong battle, these side activities are the perfect excuse to bond casually over without the pressure of any hidden ulterior motives.
  4. Food Fellowship – They say the way to a shipmate’s heart is through their stomach, and we couldn’t agree more. Invite a fellow shipmate on a culinary journey and refuel together over some warm food after a night of epic partying. Food is the universal language of friendship, after all.
  5. Life Guard – It’s not just about the party – it’s about having each other’s backs on this epic shipcation. Spot a lost soul or a shipmate in need? Be the festival superhero they never knew they needed. After all, a festival’s strength lies in its united crew!

So, there you have it, fellow ship freaks! Armed with these tips, you’ll be the talk of the ship, navigating the sea of connections like a seasoned shipmate. IT’S THE SHIP – where friendships are forged, memories are made!

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